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Announcements from the Parish.

Parish Finance Council Is Formed

Dear Friends,

I was very happy that I received 16 responses to my request for volunteers to serve on the Parish Finance Council (PFC). As we needed not more than a total of eight persons, it was difficult for me to choose from these wonderful men and women with excellent credentials.
After consultation and prayerful reflection, I wish to announce the formation of the PFC with these parishioners: Joe Porter, Susan Klimcsak, Barry Dusault, Gwen Orlowski, Audrey Francis, Kester Hector, Denise Sawicki (Parish Accountant) and myself.

What Are Scrip Gift Cards?


Scrip is another word for "gift cards" that benefit our parish school, at no cost to you. You can purchase these cards after mass on certain Sundays. Or you can purchase them online, even having them download to your phone within minutes while you are shopping.

See the attached flyer for more details.

Bishop's Appeal Video

Click on the link to view Bishop Checchio's message for this year's appeal:

St. Matthias Meal Brigade for Fr. Abraham

Do you like to cook? Would you be willing to prepare an extra dinner meal, every now and then for Fr. Abraham?

At Fr. Abraham’s previous parish, instead of hiring a cook, parishioners set up a meal brigade, signing up to bring dinner for him three times a week — on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We thought we would try that here at St. Matthias.

If you are willing to volunteer to bring a dinner meal, please sign up at: