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From the Pastoral Staff -—Sister Marie Therese

From the Pastoral Staff -—Sister Marie Therese

Updated 5/24/2018

Take your Place at the Table

Today is the feast of the Most Holy Trinity---One God in Three Persons--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In his book, The Divine Dance, Franciscan Fr. Richard Rohr uses the story from Genesis 18:1-8, in which “the Lord” appears to Abraham as “three men”. Abraham and
Sarah seem to see the Holy One in the presence of these Three and call them “my lord’. Their first instinct is one of invitation and hospitality--to create a space of food and drink for
their guests. Rohr continues, “This story inspired a piece of devotional
religious art by iconographer Andrei Rublev in the 15th century, entitled “the Trinity”. As icons do, this painting attempts to point beyond itself.
Study the Icon above:
There are three primary colors in Rublev’s icon, each illustrating
a facet of the Holy One:
Gold: “the Father--perfection, fullness, wholeness, the ultimate Source

Blue: “the Incarnate Christ”--both sea and sky mirroring one another...Christ wears blue and holds up two fingers, telling us he has put divinity and humanity within himself.

Green: “the Spirit”--the divine photosynthesis that grows everything from within by transforming light into itself.

This icon shows the Holy One in the form of Three, eating and drinking in infinite hospitality and utter enjoyment between themselves. The gaze between the Three shows the deep respect
between them as they all share from a common bowl. Notice the Spirit’s hand points toward the open and fourth place at the table.. Is the Holy Spirit inviting, offering, and clearing space? If so, for what, and for whom? At the front of the table there appears to be a little rectangular hole. Most people pass right over it, but some art historians believe the
remaining glue on the original icon indicates that there was perhaps once a mirror glued to the front of the table. It is stunning when you think about it---there was room at this table
for a fourth. The Observer. You! Yes, you--and all of creation---are invited to sit at the divine table as a partner in God’s eternal dance of love and communion.” This week, take some time to gaze upon the Icon of the Trinity and accept their invitation to dine and dance.
Blessings on you and your loved ones,

Sister Marie Therese