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The Liturgy Preparation Team and Liturgy Committee endeavor to coordinate all the various elements required to celebrate the sacred liturgy in a worthy manner. Good liturgy involves both clergy (priests and deacons), and a variety of lay ministers (altar servers, lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Ministers of Hospitality, music ministers). In addition, a fully engaged, actively participating assembly is essential to good liturgy.

Altar Servers

Altar servers assist at Mass, weddings, funerals, and other parish celebrations. Boys and girls usually begin serving in fifth grade and most continue through high school.


Lectors / Readers proclaim the Word of God during daily and weekend Liturgy and other liturgical celebrations. Lectors need to be good readers and be comfortable speaking before a large group. Training to proclaim the Word is provided, as are spiritual formation opportunities.

Liturgy Preparation

Because this group is responsible for the actual liturgy preparation throughout the seasons of the church year, it is composed of those who have experienced training in liturgy or are open and willing to learn. Through conferences, workshops, and reading resources provided, they keep up with what is theologically appropriate according to the Church as well as what may be both creative and meaningful expressions of our communal worship here at St. Matthias. The LPT also meets on a regular basis to prepare our special liturgies.

Liturgy Committee

This team is made up of staff and parishioners who are the heads of the specific liturgical ministries - the Eucharistic Ministers, lectors, altar servers, and ministers of hospitality (ushers). This entails keeping organized lists of members, scheduling throughout the year, and arranging for ongoing formation of the ministers and training of new ones.

Sanctuary Preparation

This committee’s roles and responsibilities entail planning and coordinating the environment for major feasts and seasonal liturgies, putting up/ taking down banners and pennants, coordinating personnel and equipment, ironing, sewing and polishing materials, recruiting and training new members. Meetings are as needed. No special skills required.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers distribute the Holy Eucharist at the Liturgy. They also bring the Body of Christ to hospitalized and homebound parishioners. Special training is required for this important ministry.

Linens Ministry

Members of the Linen Ministry provide a very important service by laundering and ironing the linens used for our Eucharistic celebrations.  This includes the corporals, purificators, lavabo cloths, and hand towels used by our presiders, deacons, and Eucharistic Ministers. To serve in this ministry, you must provide your own laundry and ironing supplies. Since many hands make work lighter, this “hidden” ministry is open to all parishioners!

Ministers of Hospitality

Ministers of Hospitality (traditionally called ushers) endeavor to make all feel welcome in our parish. Present at all liturgical celebrations, they greet, seat, and see to the needs of the gathered community.

Intercession Writing Team

Our intercession writing team prepares our Prayers of the Faithful for our Sunday Eucharistic and Holy Day celebrations.