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Resources in the Absence of a Public Mass

"As more Catholics around the world find themselves unable to receive the Eucharist due to the coronavirus pandemic, Pope Francis provided an example of a spiritual communion prayer that can be said from home." (Catholic News Agency)

A spiritual communion is a uniting of oneself to the Sacrifice of the Mass through prayer, and can be made whether one is able to receive Communion or not.

There are numerous resources to stay spiritually connected to God in the absence of Mass and there are lots of articles online with suggestions like this one that appeared in US


Whether you are one of our daily Mass goers at St. Matthias or not, you can connect to daily online Mass at churches across our diocese, across the US, and even as far away as the Vatican. Of course we at St. Matthias will continue to upload our own Sunday Mass while public Masses are cancelled. The list attached gets you started with some online resources to stay spiritually connected through online Mass and through other means.

As you come across other good resources to share with fellow parishioners, please share them with Phyllis Stone at or one of our other dedicated staff members. Their names and addresses are in our bulletin. Also consider putting your suggestions up onto the St. Matthias Facebook pages.

In many ways, this is all very new to so many of us and we are having to adapt. Help us along, pray with us, let's stay connected. You can sign up for St. Matthias Family Connect directly from this website.

May God bless us all, keep us safe, and help us find new ways to grow spiritually until we are able once again to be connected in person through the Mass.