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Join us in using Faith Direct for automated giving to St. Matthias.
Giving through Faith Direct is convenient, secure, and a faithful witness to God's unfailing goodness. There is no cost to you and the program provides a great benefit to our parish.

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You can give your one-time gift today or sign up for your monthly committment by visiting

Online Giving is Convenient
Did you know that only one in five payments are made using a check?
By 2014, experts say that the current checking system will be obsolete. That is why St. Matthias' financial giving is going electronic. Faith Direct puts parishes in touch with the progressive mind of the faithful while helping the parish see a substantial increase in net revenue, a decrease in administrative costs, and a clearer picture of cash flow for church needs.

Online Giving is Secure
Our parish uses a dependable and widely used financial service for our electronic giving. Faith Direct holds the highest security certification to ensure your financial information is in good hands Similar to other electronic funds transfers you may be using already for your mortgage or utilities, electronic faith based giving makes automatic deductions convenient and secure for today's busy parishioners.

Faith Direct safeguards your giving information and provides you with an annual contribution statement in addition to your gifts being clearly itemized on your monthly bank and/or credit card statements. For more information, you can visit the Faith Direct website, or call 1-866-507-8757.

Online Giving is Good Planning
Your financial giving changes people’s lives. It helps St. Matthias reach out in bold, inclusive, and relevant ways. Through your involvement and support, we continue to live in mission by meeting people where they are and extending to them the Love of God. Giving online through Faith Direct allows our parish and our parishioners to plan and budget appropriately. Not only do online financial committments help you stay faithful in keeping God first, it enables our ministries to be more effective because we know the resources that are available.

Everything we have
Everything we are
Is a gift from God

Donate Now
Give your one-time gift today or sign up for your monthly committment by visiting