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Pastoral Council

In front (L-R):  Marge Richards (co-chair), Jeanne Kollmer, Liz Kiesch, Debbie Lesky, Wina Reyes-Bruce, Annette Falk, Barbara Sury
Behind (L-R):  Tom Phalen, Anthony Ekhelar, Jeff Robinson, Mike Lanyi, Marek Przetakiewicz, Keith Lavin (co-chair), Fr Doug Haefner
Missing:  Gursam Felix

Mission Statement
Rooted in prayer and guided by the Holy Spirit, the Pastoral Council is a ministry of service. The Council draws upon and values the diverse backgrounds, talents, and cultural experiences of all God's people. In collaboration with the pastor, and with input from the Pastoral Staff and parish community, the Council is a forum for prayerful discernment, consultation, and action. The Council promotes and encourages the spiritual growth of the parish, seeking to affect its overall direction and well-being, thus furthering Christ's kingdom on earth.

Getting to know the Pastoral Council
"As partners in the priestly, prophetic, and regal roles of Christ, the Christian laity are called through Baptism and Confirmation to share actively in the life and mission of the church," taken from the PC Vision Statement

It is a humbling experience to be part of the lay leadership of our parish. It is a dynamic group where we encounter the presence of God in each other. We are in awe of His presence as we humble ourselves and become sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
As a visioning body, we are governed by the principle of shared wisdom. This is an occasion of transformation for council members. It is an exercise of leadership skills driven by the Holy Spirit and consequently, achieving a decision motivated by faithfulness to the Gospel.

The current council was tasked to develop recommendations on issues that came up from the recent parish survey regarding Mass attendance. The process allowed us to be involved through prayerful listening to the survey results, respectful discussion, and shared wisdom.

We are also currently deliberating on the parish response to the challenges of refugee resettlement. As council members, we are open to ideas as we gather information for a humble discussion and shared wisdom decision making.

During this Lenten journey, the Pastoral Council is coordinating the daily Lenten Reflection in the parish website.