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I Am Thankful for...

"I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds."

I am thankful for...

...I am thankful for my health and that of my family.
I am also grateful for my parish and all the virtual services and support.
I am thankful for my parish community and neighbors in Somerset,
including those in the medical field, firefighters and policemen
All these have helped me stay positive and available to those in need. M.F.

...We are thankful for the love of God, the love of our family, and the love of our friends. We are thankful that we have been kept safe, in the most unusual of circumstances. On March 9th, we pulled out of our driveway, heading to Florida, for a 3 week vacation. On April 1st, prior to our scheduled departure, the place where we were staying closed, and everyone had to leave. The Lord placed some wonderful people in our path, who offered to help us to get into another nearby location, that was not closed. It was successful, and we have been here, and safe, since then. It's "off-season" down here, so we will be able to stay here as long as we need to, until it is safe for us to return home. We are very thankful! We are also very thankful for the ability to attend Sunday Mass at St. Matthias on YouTube. Our thanks to Fr. Abraham and the tech team, who are making this possible. We don't feel so alone and far away, being able to be a part of our own faith community. We look forward to the day when we can, once again, be physically present with all of you. May the Lord bless us all. Linda & Al Misuraca

...I am thankful that tonight we went to the hottest restaurant in town -- 3 sisters restaurant. There is only one thing on the menu but it's served with love. Our daughters created a Disney-themed restaurant for an early anniversary dinner. I'm one lucky mama. We (Eva & Joseph Adamski) were married at St. Matthias by Deacon Ron April 23, 2004. Our daughters (Melody, Annaliese and Emma) attend SMS. See Photo1 (attachment).

... I am thankful for the Children's Choir that Joan arranged via Zoom. The kids had a great time!

... I am thankful for the buds on the trees bursting forth with new life.

... I am thankful that God has given us good health and the ability to serve others at this time of crisis. Some of our neighbors can't get out at all and on-line grocery shopping is problematic. My husband shops for them in person. I am also grateful that I am getting more work. I work at home on a free-lance basis and am sleeping too much during the day in the absence of work. I have just been told that work is on its way which is a real day brightener.

... I am thankful my family and I are all healthy and happily isolated together. I am thankful that I am able to assist St Peters Hospital in their hour of need. I am thankful I am listening to my faith more. Janice