Baptism incorporates us into Christ and forms us into God’s people. It is the first sacrament of initiation. The Catholic Church baptizes people of all ages — from infants to adults.  To help prepare individuals and families for this sacrament, the Church offers various forms of formation.

At St. Matthias families choosing to baptize their infant are invited to attend a preparation class which offers insight and guidance concerning the Sacrament of Baptism.  Classes are held quarterly and Baptisms are celebrated twice per month except during Lent.

Baptismal Preparation Classes help parents prepare for the gift and responsibility of raising children in the Catholic Christian faith.  Various liturgical ministers collaborate as a team with enthusiastic parishioners who serve as catechists for the sessions. The sessions are held virtually on Zoom, usually on a Tuesday or Thursday evening at 7PM and are required prior to Baptism. To schedule dates for a Baptism Preparation Class and for a Baptism, please contact Vinnie Natale.  To learn more about Baptism preparation, contact Dee Nann.