19th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Today’s Gospel is a continuation of the theme from last week.
Jesus told the story of the man who needed to build bigger buildings to hold all of his earthly possessions. Jesus said how he was a fool because that night his life would be demanded of him.

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells his disciples to sell their belongings and give alms. He tells them that “wherever your treasure is, there is also your heart.” In heaven there is “an inexhaustible treasure that no thief can reach”.

Jesus is again giving the message that all our earthly possessions are fleeting. Whatever we have amassed here on earth will be left behind. As many of you know, I’ve worked in the death care industry for many years. It’s been said many times that no one has ever seen a U-Haul trailer behind the hearse.

Our true treasures are as Jesus said, in our hearts.

Jesus also tells the story of the servants who await their master’s return from a wedding. Blessed are the servants who remain vigilant on his return. Then Jesus says these very important words: “You also must be prepared. For at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.”

This portion of the Gospel is read at the vigil prayer service for the deceased. It’s placement in the vigil isn’t random. It’s to remind all of us that none of us knows the hour that we will be called home to the father. Peter asks Jesus if this parable was for them or everyone. Jesus gives a lengthy explanation which basically boils down to it being for everyone.

What Jesus is saying to us is that we are all to live our lives prepared, because we don’t know the hour we will be called home.

So we need to keep a close relationship with the Lord. We can do that through Prayers, through reaching out to help those in need, and through frequent reception of the Eucharist.

We don’t want to be the person who amassed so many worldly possessions but forgot that true treasure is where your heart is.

So let’s remember to live our lives prepared for that time when we will be called home.

Peace of Christ,
Deacon Russ