Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

It is becoming increasingly common knowledge that the generations being raised up now are dissociating themselves from any religious group. We see this reflected in fewer sacraments being received, poor Mass attendance, and parish closures. In a Pew Research article the top reasons the “nones” cite for labeling themselves as “nones” include “I question a lot of religious teachings” (51-77%), “I don’t like the positions churches take on social/political issues” (47-54%), and “Religion is irrelevant to me” (26-63%).

Often parishioners have told me, I don’t know how to answer when my children or my co-workers ask me about the Bible or the why of certain Catholic practices. Well, we have answers, but we don’t know. That’s why our parish is offering many opportunities to equip ourselves for this mission. LIVE LENT! is one such. Here are feedbacks from some of our own parishioners who participated in an earlier season of Bible sharing in small groups:

“I appreciate the awakening that takes place during faith sharing. Keep it going!!!!!”
“It satisfied my hunger for spiritual nourishment.”
“A very friendly, intimate feeling. We shared our beliefs, struggles, and hopes for a more productive Lenten experience.”
“It was interesting to hear what others in my group thought about the reading, their views and opinions. I felt that I got more from that about the gospel than just listening to the gospel as Mass.”
“This made my Lenten journey much more meaningful and focused.”
“We get so much from each weekly gathering.”
“It strengthens us for the week.”
“We learn from the readings and each other.”
“Not having prep work/homework helps me to feel comfortable, to participate.”
“I learned so much more about the Scripture.”
“The fellowship was terrific.”
“Now I have a name for the people I knew just by face.”
“The Sunday Mass has become more meaningful to me.”
“I am able to relate to my family with more love and understanding.”

How wonderful it will be if more of our parishioners can experience the same! That is why I am once again inviting us all to consider joining a small group this Lent. This week is the right time to sign up as the first session will begin next week. There is no expense either, since the Bible lessons will be sent online, though a printed copy can be obtained at a nominal cost.

This is a process of spiritual renewal and evangelization that invites people to develop a closer relationship with Christ, deepen their faith, grow in community, and reach out in service to others. Don’t you wish to be part of this noble goal? Try it for this Lent, and you will be surprised at the spiritual benefits that will make you happier and a better person. You will be proud of yourself for deciding to learn more about the Word of God this Lent. To sign up online, go to:

Your brother in Christ,

Fr. Abraham Orapankal