4th Sunday in Ordinary Time


A Message From Our Bishop


The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord is celebrated this year on Friday, February 2, and that means we are also getting close to the annual World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life. Primarily, of course, we commemorate Simeon’s proclamation of Our Lord as the light to the nations and the glory of Israel. But this Feast is also when we take some time in our parishes and schools to call attention to the men and women in consecrated life who consistently make their light shine in our diocese through their vowed commitment of making Jesus Christ the center of their lives.

It would be appreciated if you would recognize the consecrated persons serving in your parish, school, or nearby institutions, either sometime around February 2 or in your parish at the weekend Masses of February 3/4. Does your parish have any native sons or daughters in Religious Life? Consider honoring them. Does your parish have a history with a particular religious community who served in the past? Perhaps remember them or invite them to a Mass. Resources to help you promote this special day are available on the USCCB website https://www.usccb.org/events/2024/world-day-prayer-consecrated-life. As always, you may also contact Sister Anna Nguyen, SCC, our diocesan Delegate for Religious, at anguyen@diometuchen.org for
additional resources.

While I am grateful for all you do for our people, know in particular of my appreciation and prayers for all your efforts in fostering vocations to the Priesthood and Consecrated Life. Following our presbyteral convocation and meeting with our parish vocation teams, we are already seeing fruits.
Certainly, it is an honor and sign of a healthy parish when a young man and woman hears God’s call with the help of their parish and responds with a generous “yes”. We need them too!

With renewed best wishes, I remain

Yours in Christ,

Most Reverend James. F. Checchio, JCD, MBA
Bishop of Metuchen