St. Matthias Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

The Masses during the weekend of May 14th and May 15th celebrated the Feast of St. Matthias. Light receptions took place after the Masses.

60th Anniversary Prayer


St. Matthias Cookbook – 60th Anniversary Edition

In honor of St. Matthias’ 60th Anniversary, the cookbook that was created by the Altar Rosary Society 25-30 years ago is going back to print! There are more than 270 delicious recipes to choose from. The book should be released sometime in July of 2022.

On June 8th, 2022 a 60th Anniversary Mass was celebrated by St. Matthias School


60th Anniversary Proclamation

On June 14, 2022, the Franklin Township Council has made a Proclamation, sponsored by Councilman Jim Vassanella, our parishioner, and Mayor Phillip Kramer and supported by Councilman Charles Oneijiaka, also our parishioner. It was presented to Fr. Abraham .

60th Anniversary Mass

We celebrate our 60th Anniversary Mass presided by Bishop Checchio on June 26th at the 12 PM Mass. We have invited all the priests, deacons, religious and lay men and women who have served our parish and school. Some of them have gladly agreed to join us. It will give the parishioners a wonderful opportunity to connect with those who ministered to us. We will have a reception in the cafeteria after this Mass for the legacy/founding families.


Future Upcoming Events & Spiritual Activities (Dates to be Announced): 

  • September  – Parish picnic celebrating the 60th Anniversary.
  • November 18th there will be a concert highlighting each of the choirs at St. Matthias.
  • Parish Mission (Father Abraham and Monsignor Brennan)
  • Retreat with service for Youth (SMYLE & Committee)
  • Youth Prayer Service (SMYLE & Committee)