Make Lent 2022 the Best Lent Ever!

Participate in a St. Matthias “Live Lent” Small Group

Start for the first time or continue with a St. Matthias Small Faith Sharing Group this Lent on Zoom! We have approximately 20 groups that meet on various days/times of the week.

If you are new to this experience and would like join a group or start a group of your own, please click here to sign up. Continuing members do not need to sign up — simply connect with your group facilitator. Facilitators will be contacting group members who were part of their group this past Fall or last Lent. Each group likely will be meeting on Zoom on the same date/time. Groups will begin the week of February 27.

New members, please sign-up early! Most groups will be using the “Around the Lenten Circle: Small Group Sessions for Lent 2022” by Ann Naffziger.  It is an e-resource.

Questions? Please contact Dee Nann at the parish office at 732-828-1400.

Please take the time to watch our two videos from past participants: