Participate in a Synod 2021-2023 Listening Session at St. Matthias


People all around the world are participating in these Listening Sessions and your input, along with those of others, will be the focus of the upcoming Synod at the Vatican. Let’s walk together as a church listening to the Holy Spirit. St. Matthias is offering two Listening Sessions. This is YOUR chance to listen to fellow parishioners and to share your thoughts and questions about our church and how the Holy Spirit is guiding us.
All are welcome

To participate, please register for either session as soon as possible at:

1. Via zoom: on Thursday March 3, at 7 pm.
To register for the ZOOM Session on Thursday, March 3 at 7 pm, please click here.

2. In Person: on Saturday March 5, at 10 am in the cafeteria.
To register for the IN-PERSON Session on Saturday, March 5 at 10 am in the cafeteria, please click here.

In case you are unable to attend these, you are still most welcome to send in your answers to the questions online. Click here to fill out the St. Matthias Synod 2023 survey



In each of the eight deaneries in the Diocese of Metuchen, a Synod Listening Session will be held in order that we may respond to the Holy Father’s call to journey together, to engage in dialogue with one another, and to listen to what the Lord is asking of us.
To view the list of hosting parishes, visit: