Trail of Faith

The “Trail of Faith” provides a new opportunity to appreciate nature on the grounds of Saint Matthias Parish. The Trail is approximately 1/3 of a mile long. It starts in the back parking lot between the northeast corner of the playground and the dumpster enclosure. It travels through wooded areas and fields behind the parish. The trail was planned and built by Parishioner Dalton Vassanella for his Eagle Scout Project.

Dalton is a member of Scout Troop 154, which is sponsored by St. Matthias Parish. Several Scouts and Adult Leaders from Troop 154 helped him with the construction of the Trail. The inspiration for the trail came to Dalton one Sunday after Mass as he was walking the Parish grounds reflecting on his experiences as a student at St. Matthias School. His goal was to come up with a project that would allow others to enjoy the natural beauty of God’s creations as part of their ongoing spiritual journeys. The Trail is dedicated to the many teachers and staff that have devoted decades of their lives to educating thousands of St. Matthias students.

The trail was built to provide parishioners a place to reflect on their relationship with God, deepen their spirituality, and pray or meditate, all while surrounded by nature. It was also built to be utilized by Saint Matthias School. Teachers can take their students on the trail to learn more about natural sciences and students can see firsthand different types of soil, trees, plants, birds, animals, and other elements of the ecosystem, in this “outdoor classroom”.

Scattered along the trail are a dozen signs. Each sign states one of 12 points that comprise the Scout Law, along with a corresponding Bible quote. When they walk the trail, parishioners, staff, and students are encouraged to ponder the Bible passages, or simply use each sign as a place to stop and reflect upon the beauty of God’s creations.

When walking the trail please stay on the path marked by the green trail markers, at all times. Also, please wear appropriate footwear and be aware of your surroundings. All children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian, when walking on the “Trail of Faith”.

Anyone interested in learning more about Scout Troop 154 please contact: Scoutmaster, Mr. Paul Furnell; (732) 799 9956.