What is Monastic Monday?

Monastic Monday is a day set apart each week for Contemplative practice as a way for parishioners to come together in a non-reactive way, developing a connection with God in personal prayer with an interior silence. Contemplative practice also helps assure that if more of us tend to our inner lives, then our collaboration and ministry will be deeper and less beset by ego, fragmentation and division.

Our parishioners who attended the recent Retreat/presentation by Msgr. Joe Kerrigan had a taste of contemplative practice, and were very touched to hear about Monastic Mondays in his parish of St. Joseph in Bound Brook, and were interested in attending one. Msgr. Kerrigan is inviting us to his parish on December 19 for a Monastic Monday experience of contemplative prayer. I encourage anyone interested to attend. Click here to know what to expect that day.